peru people1 Travel That Feeds Your Soul

People Make the Place.

Travel can feed your curiosity, and also your soul. It’s becoming a big trend these days to spend part of your vacation time volunteering in a foreign country, and then spend the rest of your trip seeing the sights…

My friend Margo, for example, recently returned from Peru where she spent one week teaching English to a group of school kids, and then took a week afterwards to climb up to Machu Pichu.  She returned home with a happy heart, lots of new friends and pen-pals, and some spectacular photos of the people and places she fell in love with. Next time, she’ll hit St. Lucia with her mom to help build grade schools before relaxing on the beach.

Global Volunteers operates year-round in 20 countries on 6 continents, so you can pick a place you’ve always wanted to see–and help make it a little better while you’re there by caring for children, painting, building or repairing buildings, teaching English or assisting with health care.

It’s a fantastic way to deepen your appreciation of the world, while making a difference in your own small way. To find out more, visit

Happy Travels, and I hope you’re our next winner in the Trip Anywhere In The World contest!

Comments (6)
  1. Belinda Poore says:

    I relly ennjoy listening to the wave. I would really like to win the trip to Colombia in order to volunteer and visit that beautifull country that has gone through so much violence and drug war.



  3. Priscilla says:

    Travel…not only fuels, feeds the soul…it to me is paramount in education! we need to learn more of other people, cultures, cuisine, language, religion to see we are more alike than not and this can bring unity amongst us.

  4. Cerise Tua says:

    Helping others. enjoying the moment, and making a difference means everything. Giving to others in need, is always heartwarming to the soul, mind, and to the world.

  5. jonna A says:

    i would like to win a trip from the wave radio and ill bring my husband with me because we are separated and this could help us rekindle our love and be back together again…truly if that will happen TRAVEL REALLY FEEDS THE SOUL!

  6. Stephanie Day says:

    i would like to go to jamica because i have never been out of the united states before. i take care of my next door neighbor he 85 years old. i fill that god will bless me for helping others. thsnk you!

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