98660996 Whitney Houston Misses All The Notes In London

Mega diva [lastfm]Whitney Houston[/lastfm] has been on her world tour, however, recently things have gotten a little shaky for the renowned songbird. While singing her mega hit, “I Will Always Love You,” Houston missed most of the notes, while fans got up and left!

Was it that bad? Check out the performance after the jump!

  • Would you have gotten up and demanded a refund if you paid top dollar for that performance?  Take our poll and let us know!
Comments (5)
  1. Jaime says:

    With Whitney’s Tour, it’s like a catch 22. You know that the reviews has been bad because she can no longer hit the high notes. But a person pays for a ticket to see her perform anyway, knowing she can’t sing like she used to. So it almost seems wrong to ask for a refund.

  2. Gloria says:

    I remember growing up and watching “The Bodyguard” with my mom, and when the song came on, it just made the movie better. I know there’s all this extra stuff that’s added to make music sound great, but listening to the concert clip was just painful. To listen to what her voice has become is heartbreaking.

  3. Rodney says:

    When the creator bestows a great gift upon you, it is a sin to destroy that gift with drugs and inappropriate behavior etc.

  4. Raynell says:

    I still love and pray for Whitney. The drugs did mess up her voice. But when she got delivered from drugs, all she know to do is sing. So sing on Whitney. I rather hear her sing then to hear she’s doing drugs again.

  5. Pamela says:

    Whitney needs to get her stuff together, having an addiction is hard, but when you are asking people in this economy to spend their hard earned money to keep you rich, you need to do your part. I hear she is not very nice to fans and has a bit of a chip anyway, earn the chip diva.

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