Seal’s Children Don’t Think He’s As Cool As We Do

To us,[lastfm]Seal[/lastfm] and Heidi Klum might seem like the coolest, superstar couple on the planet. To their children, they are just boring mom and dad. Seal is even quoted as saying that his four children would rather listen to ‘oompa loompa music’ rather than “Kiss From A Rose.”

Seal quipped about his jaded kids lightheartedly in a television interview:

They like listening to, well they prefer what I call German oompa loompa music. If I’m recording at home -my new album for example-and I’m listening to it and working on it at home, they always tell me to turn it off! My kids don’t think I’m cool. They don’t even speak to me on the phone!

Doesn’t that sound just like your kids? Seal and Heidi have two sons, Henry, five, and Johan, three, one daughter, 11-month-old Lou, and Heidi’s daughter Leni, six, from her relationship with Formula One racing team owner Flavio Briatore.

Because the singer and the supermodel have a full plate, they take time to get inspiration from other passionate parents, David and Victoria Beckham.

I see David every morning and most evenings because we pick up and drop off the kids to and from school. Heidi’s friends with Victoria, too. I have a lot of respect for those two because, despite what they do in their professional lives, they’re just always there for their kids.

So cute. We love celebrity “gossip” that involves stories about the bonding of famous parents, instead of the more negative stuff out there today. And don’t worry, Seal. We bet your kids “a change is gonna come” and your children will love your music when the get older.

[Source: Music-News]


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