Each week we dazzle you with your favorite artists that we play here on The WAVE to help you relax & unwind.

  1. [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm] – “Human Nature”
  2. [lastfm]Natasha Beddingfield[/lastfm] – “Unwritten”
  3. [lastfm]Dave Koz[/lastfm] – “This Guy’s In Love With You”
  4. [lastfm]Steely Dan[/lastfm] – “Do It Again”
  5. [lastfm]Earth, Wind & Fire[/lastfm] – “That’s The Way Of The World”
  6. [lastfm]Dave Koz[/lastfm] – “Start All Over Again”
  7. [lastfm]Bill Withers[/lastfm] – “Ain’t No Sunshine”
  8. [lastfm]Basia[/lastfm] – “Cruising For Bruising”
  9. [lastfm]Bobby Caldwell[/lastfm] – “What You Won’t Do For Love”
  10. [lastfm]Michael McDonald[/lastfm] – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
  11. [lastfm]Vanessa Williams[/lastfm] – “Dreamin'”
  12. [lastfm]Genesis[/lastfm] – “In Too Deep”
  13. [lastfm]Hil St. Soul[/lastfm] – “For The Love Of You”
  14. [lastfm]Etta James[/lastfm] – “At Last”
  15. [lastfm]Chaka Khan[/lastfm] – “Through The Fire”
  16. [lastfm]Brian McKnight[/lastfm] – “Anytime”
  17. [lastfm]Stevie Wonder/lastfm] – “Overjoyed”
  18. [lastfm]Jermaine Jackson[/lastfm] – “Do What You Do”
  19. [lastfm]P.M. Dawn/lastfm] – “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”
  20. [lastfm]10CC[/lastfm] – “I’m Not In Love”
  21. [lastfm]Oleta Adams[/lastfm] – “Get Here”
  22. [lastfm]Seal[/lastfm] – “Don’t Cry”
  23. [lastfm]Seal[/lastfm] – “Love’s Divine”
  24. [lastfm]Boz Scaggs[/lastfm] – “Lowdown”
  25. [lastfm]Mary J. Blige[/lastfm] – “Be Without You”
  26. [lastfm]Mary J. Blige[/lastfm] – “Family Affair”
  27. [lastfm]Michael Buble[/lastfm] – “Home”
  28. [lastfm]Maxwell[/lastfm] – “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)”
  29. [lastfm]Robin Thicke[/lastfm] – “Lost Without U”
  30. [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] – “Irreplaceable”
Comments (40)
  1. Dollie Tesfaye says:

    Could you play some of “David Benoit’s” music, and some of “Anita Baker’s” music from her latest CD.

  2. Susy says:

    Could you play Michael Jackson’s other songs as well?
    According to your channel, Michael has had 5 songs in his life time, though I love Wave. Don’t disappoint. 🙂
    Besides Michael’s songs, I love all saxophone, guitar, trumpet players, shortly no other songs, just a music, smooth jazz.

  3. Rachel Pena says:

    Who sings Sunday Morning? I want to buy it.

    1. Sandra D. says:

      Don’t know if you have the answer yet, but Maroon 5 sings this. It’s from the album Songs About Jane. If you like this song, This Love and She Will Be Loved are other good songs by them.

    2. Christina says:

      If you are referring to the song (Easy Like) Sunday Morning, that would be the Commadores 🙂

  4. Louise jones says:

    Hi, please help me with the following questions:

    1. I heard a dental commercial for what I believe is Smile Implant Super Center. I tried locating them and ended up
    making an appointment at a different dental office. Please provide me with a contact number for them.

    2. I am a huge Charlie Wilson fan; I am also an avid wave radio listener, but I absolutely never hear any song played by Charlie Wilson, or the GAP band. Why don’t you play any music by
    Charlie Wilson?

    Thanking you an advance for your reply.

  5. Dale says:

    More Chuck Mangione please play some of his other music also like children of sanchez

  6. Nikki says:

    I live in Fl and I can only listen when Im home on my computer I wish you guys had a chanel on XM so I could listen all the time. Do you guys have a CD of favorites that I could buy? Thanks

  7. elissa mills says:

    I am looking for a song called “without you”. I think it is by charlie wilson, however when I went to buest buy to look for it, it is not the same song on his new album that you play. it is a slow song. can you tell me what the name of the album is?
    thanks – at first I thought it was Usher or Brian Mcnight.

    1. oliver says:

      Elissa, the song ‘Without You’ is on Charlie’s 1st solo album – ‘Bridging The Gap’ (2000). Amazon has it.

    2. Sylvia says:

      It’s on Charlie Wilson’s 2001 album “Bridging the Gap”. One of my favorite songs by Charlie Wilson.

  8. sandra cisneros says:

    I would like to get the name of the fourth last song. It was an instrumental song. Not too sure if it was Bobby Caldwell.

  9. Juanita Edwards says:

    I need to know this song and the artist it talks about i’m not going with the ship putting hands up and not surrender i’m in love forever love this song,please let me know the name of the song & artist . Thanks

    1. Shy says:

      That would be “White Flag” by Dido 🙂

  10. linda says:

    Heard this soft love song around 8pm 11-8-10, sounded like Sade but maybe not her…there must be angel beside me, sent me to your love…want to know song title and artist

  11. Demetrrius says:

    I wish that you guys would play black bird, by Dave Koz and his brother. the song that was dedicated to their beloved father.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Play more Eric Darius! He’s a great sax player. Absolutely love his CD, “Just Getting Started”, and would love to hear his new CD, “On A Mission”.

  13. Kozme says:

    Can you guys play brezzing by paul jackson jr.and boomba by richard elliot….Thanks

  14. Kozme says:

    the wave its the best radio station in southern california..

  15. Kozme says:

    Can you play a song for Tatiana from Brea California the song by Ambrosia .the best part of me………thanks..

  16. Collette Floyd says:

    Any plans on including music from Seal’s new album on the Wave playlist? The album is awesome. Also, would suggest tapping into one of the other songs besides “Secrets” which I think is the 1st single released from the collection. Good song, but so many others on the album.

  17. Sybil says:

    You are the best smooth jazz station in the USA! Do you ever play Jean Carne, Phyllis Hyman, Angela Bofill or any of the Norman Connors tunes? Would love to hear this group of jazz singers. Thanks!

  18. Alan says:

    you play a jazzed background version of Phil Collin’s “In the air tonight” Can’t find it anywhere. Who does that???

  19. Ronn says:

    I liked a song you guys played this morning (November 22nd) during the Pat & Kim show (approximately 7:45am) the song title was ???? all I can remember is that the band had the name Republic or something like that. Would love to know so I can buy it. Thanks

  20. TAMARR says:

    Could you play some of Vahe”s guitar melodies.
    album called PASSION it is one of the best latin jazz guitar album that I have ever heard.


  21. TAMARR says:

    I am looking for a instrumental guitar latin jazz.
    artist name – VAHE – album called PASSION. song called MYSTIC NIGHT.


  22. Greg Johnson says:

    The Brown Sugar song you played earlier tonight, was it by Quincy Jones? For can not find him recording It. It sounds like him back in the day. Can you tell me?

  23. brandon says:

    i heard a song this morning around 7am with the lyrics “i just want to take you home tonight”. Does anyone know the title/artist?

  24. steve shade says:

    i am looking for the name of the song before bashia on nov.25 at around 10.00 pm.

  25. Lani says:

    I recently heard “you can reach me” by Anita Baker – I think. I can not find it on any of her albums. I wonder what was your source for this great song?

    Thank you in advance

  26. Gaye Graham says:

    Would love to hear “Beautiful” by Vivian Green, more Waymon Tisdale,love the Base guitar! & some old schl Jazz; Wes Montgomery,Bumpin.

  27. Pooh Malakul says:

    your station played holidays songs with acousitcor guitar yesterday, please let me know cd name

  28. Kozme says:

    Hey could you play Robin thicke ” lost without u ”

  29. Karen Cole says:

    I heard a new song, supposedly by Nancy Travis on Desperate Housewives recently and the lyric line went ” As long as you’re breathing, you can start all over again”. I’ve heard it twice on The Wave, but have yet to hear it identified. It’s great; can you help?

  30. Diane says:

    What is the name of the song that has that remix from Hall and Oates, I can’t go for that, but it is a girl singing? A guy is saying It should of been me.

  31. bobby says:

    I’m looking for a title and artist of a song played last Saturday afternoon around 2:35 pm just before Hall and Oates. This song was very Santa Esmeralda-ish…and it was great. Can anyone help?

  32. jimena says:

    hi,is me again,also i wanted to know the name of a song that is relatively new i’ve heard all week but the chorus of the song is slow and says “come fly with me”tku i promise to continue listening to the station to bedtime.

  33. Mayra Lopez says:

    I would love if you could play more John Legend songs. Save room is one of my favorites. Thank You!

  34. Thomas Sedirwa says:

    Please could you help me with the name (version) of Herbie Hancock # Cantelope island that is regularly played in your station.
    Not the old version but the newer jazzy one

  35. frank rangel says:

    i was driving today mon. dec. 20 at 12:09 pm when you played this intrumental song i like but dont know the name & i like to buy it, could you tell me the name of it? also could you tell me how to find out the names of the songs you play cause i love your music & nobody else plays it.

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