girl working out lisa maree williams getty images 5 Common Sense Easy To Follow Diet Rules

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It may seem cliché to resolve at the start of the new year to get healthy, but honestly, putting out any positive energy towards restoring and rejuvenating your health is better than snacking on junk food and maintaining most American’s sedentary life. Here are five tips for dieting that might help you reach your health goals this year.

1. Snack on almonds
In a study of 65 men and women who were following a low-calorie diet, California researchers found that those who noshed on the nuts shrank their waistlines nearly 50% more than dieters who didn’t eat them, despite consuming the same number of calories. Almods contain monounsaturated fatty acids (aka MUFAs, found in foods such as almonds and avocados) which decrease the accumulation of abdominal fat.

2. Fill up on fiber
Marie Savard, MD, author of The Body Shape Solution to Weight Loss and Wellness says: “When you slow digestion, you slow the delivery of glucose [blood sugar] to the bloodstream. That means less insulin is released, and with lower insulin release comes lower visceral [belly] fat storage.”

3. Stay satisfied with protein
Protein has the same number of calories as carbs (and half that of fat), but takes longer to digest, so you feel full longer. Chomp a serving of lean protein with each meal and snack—eggs for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch, low-fat or fat-free yogurt or milk for a snack, and grilled fish and vegetables for dinner.

4. Skip the sweetener
Researchers believe artificial sweeteners may hinder your body’s ability to regulate calories based on taste, so you end up overeating. Go with a little bit of natural sweetener, such as raw sugar or honey, instead. Plus, your palate will be way more satisfied.

5. Dump one high-cal item from your diet
Exercise works best when you don’t offset your hard work with empty calories. By eliminating just one high-calorie item from your daily diet, such as a large latte, or substituting cereal and low-fat milk for a bagel and cream cheese, you can easily reduce your intake by 250 calories.

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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