pat kim with ray charles jr Ray Charles Jr. Reflects On His Famous Father In You Dont Know Me

You may recognize his name, but that doesn’t mean you know the first thing about Ray Charles Jr. Son of a famous father, Ray opens up about his life growing up in the shadow of the great musician and shares his experiences and relationship in the intimate book You Don’t Know Me.

Pat & Kim sat down with the author to get a first hand account about the life and influence of the late, great [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ray Charles[/lastfm] that wasn’t captured in the Oscar-winning film Ray. Hear a side of Ray Charles you’ve never heard about before in this exclusive interview with his son!

[pullquote quote=”He was trying to get real with himself. He was searching deeper to do what he had to do for himself first.” credit=”Ray Charles Jr. on his father’s addiction”]

We’ve seen a glimpse of the hardships and demons of larger than life performer Ray Charles so stunningly portrayed by Best Actor winner [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jamie Foxx[/lastfm] in the 2004 movie biopic, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

His son by the same name has finally opened up about the side of the iconic musician many don’t know about. In his intimate book You Don’t Know Me, Ray shares an inside look at his family life growing up with his father and the trouble he went through in his life.

“You get to see what was going on and how troubled his life was in his personal life…his obstacles he had to overcome,” said Ray. “I want to share an intimate glimpse of my relationship with my father.”

The book goes into more detail about Ray Charles’ struggles with drug addiction and the effects it had on his family life. Ray says the most vulnerable time he’s ever seen his father was when he went to rehab for his addiction.

“He was trying to get real with himself. He was searching deeper to do what he had to do for himself first, which you have to do. Once you do that, then you can deal with everyone else, your family, your career,” said Ray.

He continues, “The hands were up in the air, because they did not know if he was going to be creative anymore. Maybe he did not know if he had the creative power within himself, but I think he dispelled that when he came out with “Crying Time,” which became a number one hit.”

And Ray doesn’t stop there, he delves into even more personal stories from his childhood about his father and whole family. Listen to our extended interview to hear about the great musician’s life behind the music from the stories told in You Don’t Know Me.

Ray Charles Jr. part 1:

Ray Charles Jr. part 2:

Comments (4)
  1. Thomas says:

    Great interview. Lots of insight into the legend.

  2. Roxanne Muse says:

    Good interview with Ray Charles Jr. I wish him all the best in the world, and I know he will make my good friend Rhonda very happy!

  3. lisa says:

    great interview ray i’m so proud of your accomplishments.. congrats on the image awards tonight i’ll be watcing.. love you

  4. sena L says:

    Wonderful interview. Good reading too. Best of luck. Much love!

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