After spending the holidays in the hospital for “mild kidney failure,” entertainer Nick Cannon is rested up and already back to work, as he shows in a new video post released on his website.

In the video, Nick is smiling and in good spirits like always as he addresses what exactly happened to him that landed him in the hospital for a couple weeks. Plus, he thanks all his fans and friends for their incredible support as he recovered from his health scare.

“I’m feeling good now, but I had to learn the lesson the hard way,” Nick says in the video. “I feel like I’m one hundred percent — a couple more procedures and things to go, but I’ll be fine.”

Nick stated in the video that he simply “overworked my body” by not eating healthy and getting little sleep that caused his kidney troubles and other problems. After spending a few weeks in the hospital — with his wife Mariah Carey at his side — Nick says “doctors had to reboot my entire immune system” to get him back to a healthy state.

On his website, Nick writes to his fans, “Thanks again for all the messages you’ve been sending me on my website, Twitter and everywhere else. My wife and I are truly touched by the outpour of support.”

After the heath scare, Nick is ready to get back to his family saying, “loving my wife for taking care of me, enjoying my kids” and “take time to rest” to get back to full percent.

Watch his video message below:

[Source: Nick Cannon official]

  1. Tracey Beddingfield says:

    Glad you are back and feeling better I know you said that you’re feeling well and at 100% but please don’t try to over do it (recovery is some times a slow process) give Love to the family. Missed you at the Mike epps ” still standing tour” your health and family comes ” first “your fans (including me) still keeping you in our prayers. Much Love!!

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