The 71 year old feud between filmmaker Orson Welles and William Randolph Hearst may finally be settled tonight. Turner Classic Movies is hosting a fundraiser at Hearst Castle in beautiful San Simeon, Calif. Apparently Hell has finally frozen over, as “Citizen Cane” will be screened at Hearst Castle. The goal is to help preserve the vast art collection contained at the mansion.

Orson Welles was only in his early 20’s back in 1941, when he created one of Hollywood’s greatest works,”Citizen Kane”. Many thought the film was based on the life of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. So many characteristics of the central character reflected the lifestyle and personality of Hearst, that the comparison was inevitable. Hearst was so angered by the film that he ordered his employees of all his vast array of newspapers not to even mention the film. Some say he tried to destroy Orson Welles career.

Hearst and Welles are both long dead, but the unsetlted feud has outlived them both. Steve Hearst, (great grandson of W. R. Hearst),welcomes the event. Orson’s daughter Chris commented her father “would be amused by this”. Even more irony comes to mind as TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz will host the event. Ben’s grandfather Herman, won a Best Screenplay Oscar for (you guessed it),”Citizen Kane”‘.

If you have never been to Hearst Castle, you have to see it’s ornate majesty.The art collection, the books, the beautiful swimming pools, and even animal descendants of Hearst mini zoo will be something you will always remember. Zebra will probably greet you as soon as you arrive. There are at least 5 separate tours you can take, as this is a big place. The event this evening is invitation only, but is highly approved by descendants from both families.

Read more about it when you click here.


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