With the jackpot totaling up to a whopping $365 million, people all over the country have been stricken with Mega Millions fever! Even though the odds of you actually winning the jackpot is a slim 1 in 176 million, that isn’t stopping many hopeful lotto-players in buying their tickets for the Mega Millions.

But before you go out to buy your ticket, just remember you have better chances of marrying a millionaire than becoming one!

  1. Chances of getting a royal flush in poker with first 5 cards dealt — 1 in 655,750
  2. Chances of dating a super model — 1 in 189,200
  3. Odds of getting a hole in one in golf — 1 in 5,000
  4. Chances of being injured by fireworks —1 in 22,000
  5. Chances of marrying a millionaire — 1 in220
  6. Chances of winning a Hollywood Oscar award –1 in 12,200
  7. Chances of lightning striking you — 1 in 587,000
  8. Odds of bowling a 300 game — 1 in 11,500
  9. Chances of getting audited by the IRS — 1 in 175
  10. Odds of finding a pearl in an oyster — 1 in 12,000

So basically, you have a better chance of striking it rich by deep sea diving for pearls than actually winning the Mega Millions, but it doesn’t hurt to pick your numbers just in case!

[Source: casinomaze]


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