As shown in the new line of celebrity-endorsed commercials, “exciting things are happening at Burger King.” With the launch of the new, healthier menu choices this week, Burger King got the help from famous faces to get the word out about new items like a strawberry fruit smoothie, snack wraps, fresh salads and more.

Stars featured in the new ads include late night host Jay Leno, actress Salma Hayek, soccer superstar David Beckham and R&B singer Mary J. Blige all promoting the revamped menu at Burger King.

David Beckham charms as he orders on of the real fruit smoothies:

Salma Hayek is hard to recognize in her line of English and Spanish-language spots for Burger King:

Jay Leno take the drive-thru to another level:

Unfortunately, the spot featuring Mary J. Blige has been taken down from Burger King’s YouTube channel. Her spot is said to have drawn criticism from fans and the media who are surprised that Blige agreed to appear in the ad that features her singing about the new chicken snack wrap to the music of her song “Don’t Mind.”

But if it was Burger King’s goal of grabbing attention, they’ve certainly succeeded, even if it wasn’t the kind of attention they wanted. Sofia Vergara and Steven Tyler are both expected to appear in spots later on as well.

[Source: CNN]


  1. Michael Williams says:

    Pat/Kim: The MJB/Burger King commerical was the first thing I saw this morning as I watched the news. Frankly, I am extremely angry that, while we live in an age of Technical Advancements which should help the races get over and through this type of racism, one must ask; What’s in the heart’s, head’s and mind’s of Television Producer’s, Fast Food Industry mogul’s, politician’s and the idiot’s who think, it’s acceptable to air such underhanded and socially-deplorable crap? What troubles me more is the fact that no one has called for an economic boycott of Burger King along with equal thought and time concentrated on a commercial which, in its entire content features top Burger King Executives apologizing to the black community and other minorities who, have been silent when such commercials have aired in the past. “Come on people, STOP LETTING CORPORATE AMERICA PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES! If this commercial is offensive to just one individual, that’s one to many! Ms. Blige did her part. What about the rest of us?

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