After the alarming report on 60 Minutes this weekend that sugar is toxic to your health, many consumers had a wake up call as to how much sugar they really intake. With so many of our favorite foods loaded with hidden sugars, we sometimes don’t realize how much we really consume, and it’s hard to find a good non/low sugar substitution of our favorite products that tastes good.

Facing this challenge, Pat came across a low sugar brand of peanut butter and jelly and decided to surprise Kim this morning with her findings! Now we want to know, what are some of your favorite non/low sugar foods that still taste good and are better for you?!

The average American consumes around 130 pounds of sugar every year, which is so much that researchers have gone so far as to call sugar a toxin to our health. An overload of sugar in our diets can lead to complications to our health like heart disease or cancer, so finding a way to cut sugar out is becoming much more important.

But with sugar packed in to just about all of our favorite foods, it’s hard to cut it out entirely, and non-sugar substitutes don’t always live up to taste. Thankfully there are some great low-sugar brands out there that don’t sacrifice taste or our health, like this peanut butter and jelly!

Tell Pat & Kim some of your favorite non/low sugar brands of food and we’ll spread the word on these healthy options!

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  1. Brian D Cole says:

    It is so sad to see what the media will do to sell themselves and profit from their sponsors. Do they employ the same moral and ethical code with those who spend an obscene amount of money advertising during their broadcast? The shock factor is all about drawing you in and selling you on the problem. Now, as the viewer is visiting their favorite local fast food drive through, they’re probably say … “At least I’m not having a PB&J.

    I am 55 years old, 5’8”, 175 pounds and I am in just about the best shape of my life and yes, I have been in the heath field and what I am saying comes with some basis … I play tennis for hours, golf & walk the course, bike my day away, climb 14,000′ peaks and I skied over 60 days this year for over 1.7 million vertical feet (that’s well over 1,000 runs).

    I eat my toast with Peanut Butter … Don’t touch my PB&J. I take it skiing, on climbs, camping and any other place where energy is being consumed at a high rate and needs to be replaced promptly. Sugar is not “TOXIC” … Like all things in life … Over indulgence most often is. Eating out in any form is far more toxic on the body as we sit there. At least at home we make the meal, we choose the portion and we do the dishes.

    We need to weigh all media, reports and study’s based on who is funding it, what they hoped to prove and what “they” stand to profit from it (notoriety, monetarily or otherwise).

    Simple rules make the best rules … Moderation in all things, more goods than bad and time in motion should equal or exceed time in place. “Doing” is better than “Watching”. “Making” is better then “Getting”. “Being” is better than “Having”. Far more people die in America from heart related issues than all forms of cancer … Think we may be sitting on our buns and worrying to much?

  2. Bev Brown says:

    Peanuts are not as good for you as Almonds are so Trader Joes Almond Butter Creamy with Sea Salt has 2g of Sugar; 3g of Fiber; 60mg Sodium (another area we all need to watch)

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