The effects of music on our emotional well-being is truly spectacular, and if you need even more proof about what the power of music can do for our health, just take a look at this video.

In an excerpt from a new documentary titled Alive Inside, the power of music is put to the test on an elderly man in a nursing home who has lost his lively spirit and can barely respond to questions beyond ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ However, when employees give him an iPod filled with his favorite music of his past, an amazing transformation takes place.

The video documents a man named Henry, whose daughter remembers him as a fun-loving man who always broke out into song and even swung around polls while singing. However, as Henry grew older, his memory and usual spark faded, and now spends most of his time sitting hunched over in his chair, unable to form complete sentences.

When his caretaker, Yvonne Russell, places headphones connected to an iPod with music from his era, Henry is almost instantly revitalized and springs back to life as he reacts to the music. He starts describing how the music makes him feel and even breaks into the song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” as sung by his favorite artist, Cab Calloway.

Take a look at this feel-good video and see the effects of music on memory take place first hand.

[Source: HuffPo]

  1. Darla says:

    I was listening to the Pat & Kim Show this morning, as I always do on my way to the office and Pat was talking about the documentary “Alive Inside” and the story about Henry. I watched with tears in my eye, absolutely wonderful, the joy that Henry felt while listening to music from his youth was amazing. We forget how healing music can be… I’m looking forward to watching the entire documentary. Thank you for sharing!

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