You know his name and know his music, but what you may not have known about renowned saxophonist Kenny G is that he’s looking to take his musical expertise in a new direction.

After selling over 75 million records, Kenny wants to take the next step into scoring movie music, which two ‘Funny or Die’ directors saw as an opportunity to develop an interesting and fun documentary titled Kenny: A Documentary In G that follows his road in becoming a film composer.

[pullquote quote=”Part of the documentary is to get people to see Kenny in a fun, creative light outside of him being a saxophone player.” credit=”Brian McGinn”]

Film director Brian McGinn had a chance meeting with Kenny while working on another documentary voiced by Matt Damon, which they recorded at Kenny’s home studio, and he got to talking how he wanted to break into scoring movie films. McGinn and his frequent ‘Funny Or Die’ collaborator Rod Blackhurst saw this as an opportunity to spin off into a documentary following Kenny as he pursues his dream.

They want the documentary to chronicle Kenny the events as Kenny tries to launch a new career as a film composer while showing a different side of Kenny that many people haven’t seen before.

“I think it’s cool that what we’re doing with Kenny is not only something that will appeal to fans of Kenny, but it’s also something where you can go, Oh, I recognize that guy, let me learn a little bit more about him,” says McGinn. “Let’s present it in a fun, quirky way where you’re going to get a couple of laughs out of it, but it’s coming from a place of affection — if that doesn’t sound too hokey.” Adds Blackhurst, “Part of the documentary is to get people to see Kenny in a fun, creative light outside of him being a saxophone player.”

In efforts to help promote their documentary idea, McGinn and Blackhurst featured Kenny in one of their Funny Or Die shorts titled Kenny G Loves The Internet, which shows Kenny poking fun at some of the most recognizable viral videos. They also launched a website to bring more attention to their documentary in the works.

To watch Kenny G’s Funny Or Die video, click here!

[Source: EW]


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