Lakers star Ron Artest, or as he’s now known as Metta World Peace, was ejected from the game on Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder after he swung his elbow and hit James Harden in the head.

He was cited for a “flagrant foul 2” and kicked out for the rest of the game. We want to know, do you think World Peace should be suspended for the elbow shot?

After the game, World Peace released a statement saying, “During that play I just dunked on (Kevin) Durant and (Serge) Ibaka and I got really emotional and excited and it was unfortunate that James had to get hit with an unintentional elbow,” World Peace told reporters, via ESPN. “I hope he’s OK. The Thunder, they’re playing for a championship this year, so I hope that he’s OK and I apologize to the Thunder and to James Harden.”

Take a look at the video below and tell us if you thought his elbow was intentional or accidental in the heat of celebration. Do you think he should be suspended for a few games or even the rest of the season?

[Source: HuffPo]

Comments (3)
  1. It looked intenational to me…

    1. Tara David says:

      Harden should not have even been pushing up on Metta World Peace….the play was over, basket made and you still pushing on the man. Harden provoked Metta and is just as guilty as Metta. I do not think that Metta World Peach should be suspended; he made an apology and that should be enough. I have seen worse than this!

  2. JohnRich says:

    It was not only intentional, there was no need for the excessive celebration. Before the elbow was swung and hit Harden, he knew there was someone right next to him because he started to run into Harden at the same time. Whatever happened to the simplicity of excitement from a really good thrill in a game? Then the idiot commentators said about Artest’s stance, (when he was looking to duke it out with anyone who approached him from the other team), by saying: “a guy needs to defend himself because you never know what’s coming.” Ron Artest should be suspended for the rest of the season, including the playoffs, fined by the league and given all medical bills to pay that come from the incident.

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