Brian McKnight: People ‘Don’t Want To Have A Real Conversation About Sex’

“Have you lost your mind, Brian?”

That’s the question many, including Pat & Kim, are asking R&B crooner Brian McKnight after his new x-rated song went viral online and made him a worldwide trending topic for the first time in his career. The song, “If You’re Ready To Learn,” raised some eyebrows for its raunchy lyrics and subject material that’s a little more brazen than a typical love song from Brian, and now he’s facing some criticism from the community that he wasn’t expecting.

With all the commotion the song has created, we called up Brian this morning to hear directly from him his side of the story, how he’s dealing with all the attention and most importantly, what does his mother think of this song?!

While many fans and new listeners consider his x-rated tutorial to be a major stray away from the romantic ballads we’re used to hearing, Brian is defending his racy tune, saying it’s not any worse than popular music that’s played on the radio today.

[pullquote quote=”People don’t want to have a real, honest conversation about sex anyway.” credit=”Brian McKnight “]

“Is it really x-rated?” said Brian.  “If you listened to the radio at all, if you’ve been in the clubs lately, this song would be considered PG — at the very least PG-13.”

He explains that since he’s been stuck at home due to a leg injury, he’s been spending more time with his fans on Twitter and came up with an idea to create an ‘adult’ mix-tape based on suggestions from his followers.

“It was very interesting, the responses that I got back — people really didn’t understand what it was that I was talking about,” said Brian.

He later came up with the idea for the “adult tutorial” and started recording at his home studio where he filmed a short video of the session and put up just for his 40,000 followers on Twitter to “have a good laugh.” The next thing he knew, the song exploded and went viral around the world.

“I have not changed the way I’m going to do music from now on. If I was on Saturday Night Live and did this, people would know that it was a spoof,” Brian laughs. “But now that I got it, I finished it last night it will be on iTunes next week.”

Brian goes on to say that the reason he thinks the song is getting so much attention is because people “don’t want to have a real, honest conversation about sex anyway.”

“At the very least people are talking about what’s possible, and maybe about what they may be missing,” Brian says, adding that on his past radio shows he would have real intimate talks with fans and found that many women expressed “how they weren’t being satisfied.”

But why use the explicit terminology in the song? “If I hadn’t used it, nobody would be talking about it,” explains Brian.

Now that we have the explanation behind the song, what we’re really wondering is what does Brian’s mother think of this x-rated ditty?

“You know what’s funny, since I’ve been on this call, she’s called me twice,” laughs Brian. “She hasn’t said anything yet… I’m sure my mother, she’s going to be fine.”

You can listen to our whole intimate conversation with Brian McKnight about his controversial new song that’s at the very least getting people to talk!


One Comment

  1. Thomas says:

    I applaud Brian on the subject, its just the p-word. It’s so crude. There are many versions of the word that sound more acceptable.

  2. RC says:

    Brian reminds me of Marvin Gaye, I think he is having his “Sanctified” moment. But Marvin usually was very creative in his use of sexy words.

  3. Brian, be an artist, not a therapist, PLEASE! Would Nat ‘King’ OR Marvin say all that?

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