With the fast-paced world buzzing around us non-stop, it’s hard to step away from the turbulence of the modern world, leaving many feeling stressed and anxious. Many constantly search for an answer to the problems causing their stress, not realizing the solution may simply be found in nature.

From a yoga teacher, bodymind therapist and wellness consultant, author Jon Burras draws upon his many areas of expertise to guide readers into a realm of relaxation using the steps he writes in his new book, Return to Nature: Five Pillars Of Healing.

Pat & Kim had the pleasure of speaking with Jon to learn more about his book and all-natural techniques to eliminate stress by pin-pointing the real stressors in life and therefore return to a state of relaxation. Listen to our fascinating conversation with Jon and learn how you can solve many of your common stresses with just five steps of healing.

[pullquote quote=”My belief is that we don’t know how to relax, and not knowing how to relax is the source to all of our other problems.” credit=”Jon Burras “]

“My approach is really different; It’s non-traditional. It’s based on the laws of nature rather than the laws of science,” Jon explains. “Nature’s laws teach us about, for example, breeding, how to move our bodies, and how to rest. Those are some things we’ve forgotten about in this scientific, modern world we live in.”

Jon explains that the main cause of being stressed lies in responses to outside pressures that cause us to become stress, saying “we’re doing it to ourselves.” In reality, people are responding to things they shouldn’t be responding to, which in turn causes them to feel stressed.

“My belief is that we don’t know how to relax, and not knowing how to relax is the source to all of our other problems,” says Jon. “We’re blaming stress on the outer things like traffic, not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, but in reality stress is an inner response to a stimulus.”

In order to positively identify the real cause of why you’re stressed and appropriately find ways to relax, Jon encourages following his five pillars of healing to lead to a clear state of mind.

Jon Burras’ Five Pillars of Healing:

  1. Recovery of the Mind
  2. Recovery of the Breath
  3. Expansive Movement
  4. Recovery through Bodywork
  5. Recovery from Addictions

Jon recommends taking the time out in your day to focus on relaxing. While each person has a different trigger to help relax the body and mind, some ways include massages, going to a day spa, looking at the ocean or simply listen to music.

Pat & Kim dive deeper into Jon’s relaxation methods covered in his book, Return To Nature: Five Pillars of Healing, and dissect each step in the complete interview below!  For more information on Jon and his book, visit his website.


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