By Britt Bickel

This Sunday (Oct. 7), we have a special guest appearing at The WAVE’s Summer Sundays at Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites for an exclusive CD release party. Latin jazz pioneer Pete Escovedo will be launching his brand new recording Pete Escovedo: Live At Stern Grove as well as performing for the audience!

The album is a live recording from the performance at Stern Grove in San Francisco, which features his children Juan, Peter Michael and Sheila E., as well as a few special friends like Dave Koz.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pete about his new album and performing this Sunday at the Bonaventure. Plus, we spoke to him about his life, family, career stemming from his early days in the Bay area and much more. Listen to segments of the interview below!

For complete event details on The WAVE’s Summer Sundays featuring Pete Escovedo, click here.

Part 1: Pete talks about his new live release

With the limited number of live releases being made these days by artists mainly because many have home studios, Pete explains why he choose to do a live album.

“That’s the thing that we got, it’s just so exciting,” explains Pete. “The people that come to see you generally come because they want to see you and they want to hear you play. We have a great fan base in the Bay area ’cause you know we’re all from there.”

Part 2: Pete talks about music from the Bay area

Since so many legacy acts to come from the Bay area at a very productive and influential period in music, Pete explains how growing up in the close-knit community was so important for artists to experiment with music. Artists from the Bay area he names as having significant influence in music include Carlos Santana, Sly & the Family Stone, George Duke, Journey among others.

“It was just really a melting pot for just a lot of the guys growing up there,” he says. “We were all kind of experimenting with music, trying to do different things and trying to get into the big time…it was just a great legacy of all the guys to come out of the Bay area…so many of them are still so successful.”

Part 2: Pete talks about how music has always been a family affair

In the ‘E Family,’ music has long linage dating back to his dad’s family, his brothers and up to his own children, Juan, Peter Michael and perhaps most famously, Sheila E.

“It’s just really been a family affair and I’m so proud of them because they’ve all become great musicians,” he says.

Part 4: Pete talks about what he learned from his kids

Being such a spiritual family, the E Family has kept close over the years and never take their blessings in life for granted. One thing he’s learned from being around his children is how to stay down to earth and take things a little lighter in life.

His children taught him “how to be silly,” he laughs. “I think the youngness of them keeps us young. Just hanging with them, to be with them and how they look at music and how they look at life…it just really keeps us young.”

Part 5: Pete talks about growing older and creating memories with family

At 77 years old, ‘Pops’ feels fortunate to be in good health and still able to do what he loves. Though he notes that life hasn’t always been smooth sailing, Pete says it’s how you deal with overcoming struggles that makes you stronger in the end.

“It’s how you look at the bad things that happen to you, because that’s life,” he says. “You’re going to have setbacks; you’re going to have very drastic things that happen to you emotionally, physically, mentally, and it’s just how you get over those things. Those are the things that make you stronger if you can get over them and continue on.”


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