Trends That Are In And Out For 2013

The new year is well underway, and with the fresh start to the year for new opportunities and changes in our lives comes leaving certain things behind in 2012, including the worn-out trends.

So as you’re transforming to the new you this year, take a look at some of the ins and outs of trends in 2013 and leave some of those old trends behind with those old habits!


In: Slicked back low ponytails — This year it’s all about sophisticated elegance of a super sleek ponytail. Nothing says future than a deep center part with a slick pony tail.

Out: Half Shaved head — Say goodbye to the shaved head. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kiesha Cole and Ke$ha are known for rocking this one-sided style. But, it’s time to say goodbye to this punk dominatrix-inspired do. Women are trading this blunt one-sided cut for a more soft demure look. Think natural, futuristic slick styles in 2013.


In: Emerald green — The color experts at Pantone have spoken and they chose emerald-green as the color of the year for 2013, so expect it on everything. It’s the color of money, growth and hope. What better color choice to represent the possibilities of the new year?

Out: Tangerine Orange — This color dominated the runways spring/summer 2012 seasons and was splashed onto everything from printed dresses, makeup, shoes and accessories. It’s time to move past the bright hues this season.


In: Scotland — With blockbuster movie like James Bond’s Sky Fall featuring this beautiful location, it’s no wonder Scotland is the perfect destination for 2013. Still a part of the UK, Scotland offers Gore-Tex Scottish National Trails that runs from English border to Cape Wrath and is being called “Year of Natural Scotland.” Since 2013’s color of the year is Emerald green this destination is no surprise.

Out: London — This was the top travel destination of 2012. Between the summer Olympics, Royal wedding, the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee this nation has never been busier attracting tourists from across the world to participate in the past year’s exciting activities. Say farewell to tea and crumpets, the royal family and double- decker buses as we move further west to top a new top destinations.

Baby Names

In: Old Names –The new trend for parents in 2013 is to give their newborns 50s-inspired names like Agatha, Beatrice, Doroth, Hazel, Mabel and Martha. These older-sounding names are becoming popular once again for parents looking to give their kids a unique name.


In: Get graphic — With interesting patterns like squares, stripes and plaids being all the rage this season making a lasting impressions on the designer catwalks of YSL, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten and Jill Sanders, just to name a few. Take this hot trend to new heights by adding color propell your graphic prints and pattern.

Out: Peplum Skirts/Mullet Dress — This form-fitting pencil skirt is the epitome of business in front, party in the back. This 1860s silhouette known for transforming your body is making it’s second wave in 2012, ripping runways everywhere for 2013 Spring and Summer shows. You may think it’s a ‘must-have’, but trust us, you’ll be better off without it.


In: Donuts — 2013 is the year of the donut- not according to the Chinese calender, but local foodies can’t stop blogging about specialty donut shops popping up across Los Angeles. But no ordinary glazed or chocolate donuts will do, taking a back seat to more interesting flavors and textures like bacon, deep fried, and even an alcohol-infused donut and for all alcohol enthusiasts. Desserts food trends offer interesting and new tastes for 2013.

Out: Cake Pops — Birthday cake on a stick seemed very appealing in 2012, but it is definitely an outgoing trend. In fact, this dessert style was so big that the cake pop began to pop up in Starbucks’ Petites menu nationwide. However, the time has passed for this treat, making it the most overused dessert of 2012.

What are some of last year’s trends you think should be retired in the new year? Add it in the comments below!

— Written by Tanya Flowers/94.7 The WAVE

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