By Britt Bickel

With over four decades in music, 53 million albums sold and two Grammy awards to his name, singer Michael Bolton has had a storied career that’s taken many turns to get where it is today. In his upcoming autobiography, The Soul Of It All, Michael opens up about his journey to the top of the charts and beyond, sharing intimate details about love, life, family and work.

The book, he writes, is about the “soul of it all; the passion, hard work, striving, sacrifices, joy, and faith it takes to keep the dream alive,” and just in the first chapter alone, Michael gives readers a glimpse at the hard road he traveled to achieve his dream in hopes to inspire yours.

The Soul Of It All will be on shelves January 29th, with several in store book signings by Michael himself in various cities to follow. In the meantime, we took a look at the first chapter of his autobiography and wanted to share ten of the most surprising and interesting tidbits we found out about his life below.

1. He was a “hippie kid” in the ’60s that busked on street corners in Greenwich Village with his guitar for money.

2. Also in the ’60s, you could find Michael hitchhiking along Route 66 or trying to “push-start a vehicle that looked like a cross between a Wonder Bread truck and the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine” with his band mates.

3. Michael’s mother had to sign his first record contract because he was barely 16-years-old at the time it was offered.

4. At the end of the 70s, he was a struggling rock singer and married father of three who was facing eviction from his home.

5. He sang the U.S. Army jingle “Be All You Can Be” as well as other radio and TV jingles like Dr. Pepper and Budweiser to pay the bills in the early ’80s.

6. He later established himself as a songwriter for other artists with credits ranging on records like Patti LaBelle, Jay-Z, John Legend, Barbara Streisand and Cher. Throughout his career, he’s written over 220 songs.

7. Though he has the reputation of being a serious romantic, Michael is “secretly a prankster and a fun-loving kind of guy.”

8. The Lonely Island sketch comedy trio, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, refer to Michael as “Lord Boltron.”

9. The Lonely Island first presented Michael with an SNL Digital Short skit that was “hilariously funny, but really, really raunchy” about violating the Ten Commandments. Fearing he would upset his fans, Michael later regrouped with the trio to come up with his famous “Captain Jack Sparrow” sketch.

10. Michael’s “Captain Jack Sparrow” music video has been viewed more than 90 million times and was the third most viewed YouTube video in 2011. The short was even nominated for an Emmy and performed live at the awards show.

If we learned all that in just the first chapter of his book, we’re anxious to see what other intimate details about his life he’s included in the rest. To read the first chapter of Soul Of It All yourself, like Michael Bolton’s Facebook page to receive an exclusive sneak peek inside.


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