So I’m on the air Saturday and had my computer open to Yahoo.  They have a scroll that tries to entice you into clicking on a story with headlines like “Save $500.00 per month just by doing three simple things.”  So you click on it and it says something stupid like don’t buy a latte and bring your lunch to work everyday.  Well duh!!!

But this particular day I actually found something quite wonderful!  It’s called rent the runway.  It’s a place where you can rent a gown or dress, so obviously this is for the ladies, or not – I don’t judge!  So have a go at this site –

You have to sign up, but it’s free and then have a look around.  They even have a section for teenagers! So you don’t end up with a closet full of dresses you’ll never wear again and how about those hideous bridesmaids dresses hanging in your closet!  Why do brides always pick a lovely gown for herself and then the most butt-ugly dress for her besties??  You will never, ever wear a bridesmaid dress again! But I digress…I love the idea of renting a gown! I hope you enjoy the tip!

Have a brilliant week!

Smooches! Brie


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