By Bill Dudley

Olympus Has Fallen is an extremely well orchestrated and very entertaining new film from Director Antoine Fuqua, that is guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat. It is also one of the most deeply disturbing films I have ever seen.

Mount Olympus was the mythical home of both the Greek and Roman gods. To most Americans, The White House is considered  to be our Mount Olympus. Can you imagine The White House being attacked by terrorists and overtaken with both The President,Vice President, and many other important government officials being held captive? This is what happens in Olympus Has Fallen.

Not only is the plot itself discomforting, it’s who the enemy is. I saw this film the weekend the latest threat from North Korea came our way. The mastermind of the attack appears to be from that country.

Gerard Butler plays a disgraced Secret Service agent who is faced with the task of saving the kidnapped President played by Aaron Eckhart. Butler’s only communication is with the Speaker Of The House (now acting President), played by Oscar winner Morgan Freeman.

Butler takes us on a long, loud and violent Rambo-esque journey through the ruins of The White House to save the day. Melissa Leo, Angela Basset, and Ashley Judd  round out the excellent and very convincing cast.

That is my problem with the film. It is done with such perfection, that you will watch, and also leave the theater with the distinct notion that such a frightening act is indeed possible.

Olympus Has Fallen is an excellent film, and will most likely be a big hit when it hits theaters on March 22nd. I’m just not sure that I needed to see it.


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