By Bill Dudley

Jane Fonda continued a tradition started at the Chinese Theater in the 1920s, as she added her footprints, handprints, and signature to the giant collection of stars that includes John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis and her father, Henry Fonda.

Her friend and co-star from “9 to 5” Lily Tomlin was on hand, as well as her family including brother Peter Fonda. The ceremony was followed by a screening of “On Golden Pond.” This was Henry Fonda’s final film, and the first he had made with Jane. When introducing the film, Jane spoke briefly about working with her father for the first (and last) time on the big screen.

Interestingly, Jane spoke more about Hepburn than she did her father. Hard to believe but after both having 50 year careers in Hollywood, Henry and Hepburn had never  officially met until they made “On Golden Pond.” The studio made a big deal of it, staging a huge press event for the first meeting of the two film giants. Jane was invited, but was working on another project at the time, and couldn’t make it. Hepburn brought that up to Jane on the first day of the shoot, and never let her forget it. Jane and Katherine were also both somewhat competitive, as they were both two-time Oscar winners back in 1981.

All three stars were nominated for “On Golden Pond.”  Henry won his first (and only) Oscar for his role, and Hepburn won her 3rd. Jane lost that year. There was fairly heavy and visible security present for the footprint event, which we have not seen before. Perhaps this was partly due to the Boston bombing, and the fact that Jane still has some people who are angry at her for her style of Vietnam protests in the 1970s. Her footprints will soon be placed next to father Henry’s in the Chinese Theater courtyard.


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