By Pat Prescott

Where are the fashion police when you really need them? If you’re an NBA fan you already know what I’m talking about. What’s with all the far out fashion statements players like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade have been making with their wacky outfits? It’s like watching New York’s fashion week and seeing all the crazy outfits that you never see people actually wear after the week is over. But someone has convinced these NBA players that they are simply being fashionable.

To be fair the white leather jacket with big, bright-colored flowers that Dwayne Wade wore to his postgame press conference last week was actually a Versace design. Of course, these are the same people who dream up some of those kooky fashion week clothes I just mentioned. And interestingly enough, the leather jacket practically jumped off the shelves the day after Wade wore. But many of us were rolling over in laughter like Charles Barkley and the rest of the TNT commentators who just couldn’t let it go and the chatter on twitter was hilarious.

Remember when the NBA established a dress code a few years ago for players who aren’t suited up for the game? Commissioner David Stern established guidelines that had the players looking fantastic in their thousand dollar suits and ties. So who’s responsible for this new movement?

Check out our photo gallery to see for yourself.

The one good thing in all of this is if you’re a fan of the Lakers or the Clippers or any other team that’s already gone fishing for the summer, the clothes these guys are wearing will at least give you something to laugh about.


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