By Bill Dudley

I have never been considered  a “Trekkie,” but for some reason I always go the the latest “Star Trek” releases. I’m glad I did this time as “Star Trek Into Darkness” is one of the best ever.

This is the 12th entry onto the big screen for the “Star Trek” franchise, and second directed by J.J.Abrams. The cast really came together for this one. Zachary Quinto owns the Spock character now, and with Leonard Nimoy’s full approval, who also has a cameo. Veteran actor Bruce Greenwood adds a solemn maturity to his role as Capt. Pike, mentor to Capt. Kirk.

Karl Urban (as ‘Bones’) is so much like DeForest Kelly, he could be his son. Chris Pine who plays Capt. Kirk is not at all like William Shatner, which is a good thing. He is his own man, with a far more flawed identity. The first six “Star Trek” films featured the original cast from the 1960s TV show. The best entry of that bunch was #2 “The Wrath Of Khan.” Khan was played then very memorably by the late Ricardo Montalban.

The new film features a seemingly indestructible Khan, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. He is a great villain, as Khan always was. You will also see (the mandatory) Klingons, Scotty, Mr.Sulu, Lt. Uhura, Chekov,  and the constant battle between good and evil. All with excellent special effects, and all in 3D.

The focus of “Star Trek Into Darkness” is on the friendship between Kirk and Spock. Kirk’s loyalty to Spock gets him in big trouble at the beginning of the film. Spock is constantly conflicted between gratitude for Kirk saving his life, and the logic of his half Vulcan mind who leads him away from sensitivity and friendship.

Fans of the original series will not be let down, all of the characters personalities are very similar to their origins, but the film is definitely a giant step ahead. It should be, because as we all know,”Space is the final frontier.”

“Star Trek Into Darkness” opens in theaters today – watch the trailer below!


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