Vinx Talks New Album, Finding Love & Bringing His ‘Jet-Set Soul’ Back To LA

He’s an artist with a style unlike anyone else, and after years of traveling the world, Vinx is set to make his return to Los Angeles this week for two special live performances.

Pat Prescott had a chance to sit down with Vinx and catch up on what he’s been up to in anticipation of his L.A. shows.

Loyal fans know that Vinx’s live performances are an event not to miss. Mixing his dynamic voice with the driving rhythms of drums, Vinx creates an intimate atmosphere on stage that makes the audience feel his music, not just hear it.

“I think that’s our job as an artist, is to be communicators and to have an intimate conversation,” Vinx told Pat. “I like touching people as opposed to amazing them or exciting them…for me a room of silence is a compliment to me.”

Armed with just his velvety voice and drums, Vinx has an eclectic style unique to anyone else, which he realizes might not be for every musical taste. However, that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his passion and basing his success not by the number of sales, but by bringing continued “excellence” to his live performances.

“I recognize that it’s an event for connoisseurs, so to speak,” he laughed. “I’ve been embraced by Europe and other places in the world. Coming from Kansas City, I need to see other things, so I found myself being that troubadour, and for me [success] wasn’t so much about record sales or celebrity, it was more about excellence.”

It’s Vinx’s travels around the world that has helped fuel his songwriting on an array of topics ranging in life, love and experiences on the road.

Part of his universal appeal in counties all around the world is the fact his music takes from his experiences and arranges them into a universal language that everyone can understand.

“I would take in every experience I had and push it out musically…it’s that jet-set kind of soul,” said Vinx. “That might be the key…you can really understand someone’s culture from their music.”

On his latest release Love Never Comes Too Late (out now), Vinx takes his songwriting to a place he hasn’t traveled in sometime – love. After being on what he calls an “emotional strike” in his music, Vinx says that it was after finding a new love that he was able to create again.

“All the places you’ve been are special because of who you are with, places that you look forward to going is because you’re with someone you can share and enjoy that with,” he said. “After years and years of touring and being out there by myself, I’ve stumbled into love…so that has allowed me to create again.”

Fans of Vinx can catch his big return to L.A. at two different shows on Wed., June 26th at Vibrato Jazz & Grill and Sun., June 28th at  at Spaghettini Grill & Jazz. For tickets and more show information, click here.

“This is a special and rare opportunity because I lived in L.A. for so long, I got some peeps around the way,” he laughed. “That means I get to do songs that I would not normally do with just myself and a drum…I’m looking forward to it.”

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