By Britt Bickel
Photo courtesy of Gino Vannelli management

Photo courtesy of Gino Vannelli management

It’s been 15 years since he’s been in Los Angeles, but Canadian-born singer-songwriter Gino Vannelli is making his grand return to the City of Angels for a highly anticipated concert at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills this November.

Gino called in to talk with The WAVE’s Keri Tombazian about this exciting show and returning to Los Angeles, for which he is “really looking forward to.”

First starting his music career as a drummer, Gino soon found a passion for singing and writing music, and went to great lengths to pursue a career in music. He recalls to Keri about how he got his first big break in music by auditioning for the great Herb Alpert after moving to L.A.

“After three or four months of knocking on doors, I just had this crazy notion to wait outside A&M gates,” he explained. “When I saw Herb Alpert across the parking lot, I just decided to take my chances and run. I was chased by Johnny the guard, and it was quite an incident. But Herb kind of knew what I was coming from, though he was a little shocked at first.”

Gino adds that Herb asked him to come back to audition later, and the rest is history. It’s rare to hear those kinds of stories of artists these days getting their big break in music, Gino notes that he’d much rather prefer having the technological advances music has made over the years right at his finger tips.

Though, to Gino, with the advancement of musical breakthroughs comes a lack of focus to the art of writing meaningful lyrics in current music.

“I think the only sad thing is that…the concentration of good songs, good lyrics – that’s really few and far between these days. We were very fortunate to be brought up in an era of great singer-songwriters,” he said.

Relive the magic of the great singer-songwriter era with Gino as he makes his return to Los Angeles at the Saban Theatre on November, 8th. For tickets and show information, visit or

Listne to our complete interview with Gino Vannelli to find out what the singer’s been up to in the segment below.


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