By Britt Bickel

Comedian/writer/actress Wanda Sykes wears many hats in the entertainment world, though many fans know and love her for her witty, uproarious stand up.  Coming up on September 14th, Wanda returns to the stage for an exciting stand up special at the Long Beach Terrace Theater that fans don’t want to miss.

The WAVE’s Pat Prescott talked with Wanda about her upcoming show and the real-world experiences that inspire and help evolve her comedy through the years.

“My comedy is pretty much a snapshot of what’s going on in my world,” explained Wanda. “Like right now, I’m now a mother…I’m still scarred from that Miley Cyrus MTV appearance. I’m thinking about filing a class-action lawsuit here. I’m traumatized.”

Wanda jokes that she was just on her Twitter and noticed that everyone was talking about it, so she decided to check it out, which she later regrets doing.

“I watched it, and I really wished I watched something else,” she joked. “I promise that there won’t be any twerking at my show.”

So who’s funny to Wanda right now? She tells us she’s excited about the return of her good friend Dave Chappelle, but it’s the silly things in life that still make Wanda laugh daily.

“I still laugh at just silly stuff. Anybody falling down, I’m going to crack up,” she laughed.

Wanda also credits some of the early comedians she grew up watching like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Moms Mabely, as influencing her career and taste in comedy.

Through the years, Wanda has developed her own side-splitting style of comedy that has made her one of the fiercest comics out there now. Though, before she was writing her own jokes, Wanda was writing for some other familiar names in comedy at the start of her career.

“I stared out on the ‘Chris Rock Show,'” said Wanda. “Chris, he makes you a better writer, a better comic because his stand up is just so hot.”

From there, she said, Wanda has written jokes for Whoppi Goldberg when she hosted the Oscars, worked closely with the Wayans Brothers, plus writes for any TV or movie projects she’s involved with.

Take in some laughs by getting your tickets to see Wanda Sykes live at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre on Sept. 14th on

Listen to our full interview with Wanda Sykes in the segments below.

Part one: Wanda talks about what’s funny to her, working with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm and the current state of comedy.

Part two: Wanda talks about who she’s written for, voice-over credits and her past work with the NSA.


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