Kenny G Opens Up About Life After Divorce, Plans For New Album

World-renowned sax virtuoso Kenny G is regarded as one of smooth jazz’s premiere musicians, not to mention the biggest-selling instrumental musician of all time. His career accomplishments include selling over 75 million records to date, winning the Grammy award for Best Instrumental Composition for “Forever In Love,” and even set the Guinness World Record for holding the longest note ever recorded.

For an artist as accomplished Kenny, who has played shows around the world, collaborated with dozens of artists and plays a mean game of golf with some of the sport’s top athletes, what’s in store for the future?

Kenny G joined Pat Prescott in studio to talk about projects he’s working on next just ahead of his anticipated concert at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino on Thursday, Sept. 12th, plus he opened up about the next chapter in his personal life as he moves forward after going through a divorce.

Kenny G takes the stage at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino on Thursday, Sept. 12th at 7:30 p.m. For tickets and show information, head to

Listen to our complete conversation with Kenny G to learn more about his plans to record a new album, how he’s grown into his role as a single father, his own personal career highlights and much, much more!

Part one: Kenny talks about playing an intimate show at San Manuel.

“I actually enjoy the intimacy, because I can connect with my audience a lot more and there’s more of a rapport,” said Kenny. Sometimes people will tell me what songs they want to hear, and we’ll readjust the concert set.”

Part two: Kenny talks about the high points of his career.

“Just the experiences, all those experiences I’ve had the opportunity to have,” he said. “There’s not really one highlight, I’m just proud that I’ve had all those experiences.”

Part three: Kenny talks about his plans to record a Bossa Nova album.

“My new one I’m just about to start…the concept is, there’s a certain sound I like…it’s Bossa Nova,” explained Kenny. “I’m going to put my whole being into that more of that time period where Paul Desmond has a certain sound and Cannonball… and I’m going to try to emulate that kind of sound with my own twist on it. I want it to sound like it was recorded in the ’50s, but I still want it to be me.”

Part four: Kenny opens up about going through a divorce and how the experience has brought him closer to his children.

“I’m just coming out of it now in the last three or four months…I’ve got a bright light about me now, I was really down for a while,” Kenny said about his divorce. “Very difficult, but the silver lining has been that my relationship with [my kids] is a lot closer than it used to be. We have way more heartfelt talks and we hang out more.”

Part five: Kenny talks about his recent Snickers commercial and making cameos in funny skits that parody himself.

“I like having fun, I like laughing, I like making silly jokes, and I’m happy being the butt of a joke,” he said. “If it’s really funny, I’m fine with it. If it’s really mean and nasty and hurtful, it’s not cool. But funny is funny.”

Part six: Kenny talks about playing golf with some of the greats.

“Golf has given me the opportunity to be around great people,” he said. ‘It’s more of just the art of golf, which I love, it’s just given me a chance to be around fantastic people…when you’re around a person who’s awesome at what they do, there’s a great feeling.”

Part seven: Kenny talks about getting back to recording after going through tough times.

“The darkness is behind me now, Pat. The last couple of years have been tough, that’s why I haven’t recorded, my heart was just not into it at all. The last thing I wanted to do was turn the microphone on and start making music, but I’ve got the feeling again…and within the next week or so, I’m going to start again.”

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