Talaya Trigueros Celebrates 25th Anniversary At The WAVE

Talaya's 25th

For the past 25 years, her soothing voice has helped get you through the day while tuning in to the relaxing sounds of The WAVE.

She was one of the first voices on air when the station first began, and this Thursday, Sept 19th, our own “Queen of the mid-day,” Talaya Trigueros is celebrating her silver anniversary at The WAVE.

Talaya had her eyes set on the station right from its launch on Valentine’s Day in 1987, but as many of our listeners know, The WAVE first began broadcasting without any live DJs. However, one year later, a new formula was introduced and live DJs were brought in; among them were Talaya, our current night host Keri Tombazian and Don Burns.

“I knew that this was the place I was going to work. I was determined that The WAVE needed me,” Talaya laughs. “So sure enough, September 19th we all went on the air – live DJs.”

In those days, The WAVE’s sound was primarily New Age, or “spa music” as she refers, with artists like Yanni and David Arkenstone in frequent rotation. Talaya notes, however, that through the changes made to the playlist over the years, there has always been one staple on the station; instrumentals.

“As time has gone on, we’ve evolved in more than a few different directions, but the beautiful thing is we’ve always been pretty progressive and we’ve always had a sweet little foundation of instrumental music. I think that’s what makes us unique,” she said. “I think instrumental music is sometimes more inspiring because it allows your imagination to fill in the lyrics.”

Having been a voice on The WAVE for 25 years, Talaya has made countless memories from her time on air, but it’s meeting those who are listening on the other end that continues to amazes her.

“Working in Los Angeles, little do we know who is listening, and I never take that for granted. I’m always just honored and humble by people who listen to me,” she said. “So when I meet Stevie Wonder or I meet Smokey Robinson or Stanley Clarke and they know me because they listen to me on the radio, I am just crazed!”

Looking forward to her time on the airwaves, Talaya is excited where the station’s sound has gone.

“I think we’re sounding the best that we’ve ever sounded,” she said. “You can call it R&B music, but it’s kind of neat in that back in the day, they called it ‘soul music.’ It’s kind of neat that we’re playing music again with a whole lot of soul. It works really well with this beautiful instrumental music that has pretty much been that unique foundation and signature of The WAVE.”

Through all these years, Talaya recognizes that the main reason The WAVE continues to thrive over the airwaves is all thanks to our loyal listeners.

“Our listeners are sweet, they’re elegant, they’re sensitive…and they’re really good people,” she said. “They’ve been with us for so many years, and I thank them for that.”

Congratulations to our dear Talaya, and here’s to many more years as “the voice” on The WAVE!

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