By Nadia Noir

Actress and sultry soprano, Jennifer Hudson also has a lot of skill as a mother, which is a role she had to challenge in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete. The movie is now on DVD, but Hudson had to play the role of a drug-addicted mother. At her smaller weight, the role is a lot more believeable, but Hudson says she’s been treated differently since she lost weight.

When BET asked about Hudson’s latest style (she claims to have a shopping addiction), Hudson said that “between the weight loss transition and then the short hair cut, the newness of it all makes you want to experiment with yourself.”

“Before, being a plus-size girl, there was not much out there for us to choose from,” claims Hudson. “Now, being on the slimmer side, it gives you room to experiment. I have a new image and new hairstyle and it’s like, “who is this girl?” I wanted to confuse you!” Hudson does say that no matter what your weight “someone is always going to have something to say,” whether positive or negative.  She says that her weight loss has definitely shaped her career in “every way, shape and form.”

“Good and bad. Even though it’s just your physical appearance, to the world it’s being a whole other person. I have people in my life who are different towards me because I’m smaller. But I’m like, it’s just me, it’s still Jennifer. I find myself saying that so often. I feel like it has opened the door to new characters, but there are still people who tell me, “I don’t like you ’cause you ain’t fat anymore!” So whatever!”

Don’t worry, girl. With a voice that huge, we like you in any size.


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