By Bill Dudley

‘Outer Limits’ was one of my favorite Sci-Fi tv shows. Transcendence, the new Johnny Depp film takes you to the ‘inner limits’ of……his mind, and your computer.

I must warn Johnny Depp fans, that you will only see Johnny for about half of this film. He plays Dr. Will Caster, a prominent scientist known for studying artificial intelligence. He is convinced his own brain can become both self sustaining, and self evolving. Without blowing too much of the plot, Depp’s character meets an untimely demise, but (you guessed it),his brain lives on. A very sullen Dr Caster now can only communicate with his very loving wife (Rebecca Hall),via computer screen. She moves to, (and essentially takes over), a small fictional town in the Midwest.

The special effects work well as aging brick & mortar buildings and half-lit  neon signs blend in nicely with the hi tech construction of this futuristic world. Depp’s digital voice becomes more stern and scary as his power builds to the point where he may be controlling world events, weather and people. Is this actually possible ? My tech buddies say it may not be fiction for long, and something like this could actually happen in our lifetime.

To me, Johnny Depp seems a little dis-connected in his latest effort, and I’m not saying that because he is only an internet connection for half the film. However he is publicizing it hard, all over tv and social media. He even took his first trip to China before appearing on ‘The Late show with David Letterman.’  Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany add strong acting chops to an uneven script, which could be a big hit with the millions of Depp and science fiction fans. I saw this film two weeks ago, and I still can’t decide whether Depp’s character was the hero, or the villain. Transcendence opens on a wide scale this weekend.

Watch the movie trailer below:



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