By Adam Bookbinder

Cats.  They live the simple life. Sleep, eat, and use the littler.  Well hopefully the litter and not your bed.

When it comes to sleeping, cats do it for an of 12-16 hours a day.  And it’s not because they actually want to sleep that much,  it’s because they actually have nothing to do.  And believe it or not, there’s a name for it, Bored Cat Syndrome.

While cats are pretty self sufficient creatures, there are still many ways to conquer their boredom when not sleeping.

Here are some ways to keep kitty entertained:

1. Laser pointer – Cats LOVE laser pointers.  You can literally sit there for hours shining it all over while your cat runs determined to catch the little beam of light, whether it’s on the floor, wall, furniture, it doesn’t matter.  The cat will LOVE it.

2. Fishing pole type toy – This is exactly what it sounds like.  You hold the rod while some magical toy attached to it via a string dangles in front of kitty, who goes crazy at trying to get it.  But be sure to pay attention.  Because the second you don’t, the fishing rod toy will be on the ground and kitty will probably then lose all interest.

3.  Cat tunnel – This is perfect for when you’re at work.  No need for you to be there while kitty rolls around playing inside and poking his or her head in and out of the holes in it.  Or if you’re home use the fishing pole type toy to really get kitty going.

4.  Puzzle toy for cats – It’s pretty much a box with some holes and different compartments you put together.  Then place some treats or a toy in the different compartments so kitty can try to find them and fish them out.

5.  Bubbles – Now this is super inexpensive or you can make your own with some soap and water.  Blowing bubbles to kitty will keep him or her entertained while they try to catch as many as they can.


Of course you can always just leave out an old box or paper bag, since cats always seem to make a toy out of a non-toy.


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