Walt Disney’s Last Words: Kurt Russell ?

Author: Bill Dudley

Movie mogul and television pioneer Walt Disney passed away  back in 1966. As you all know,Walt was an early creator of animation and children’s films, creating (and voicing) Mickey Mouse in 1927. Did you know the original first name for the now world famous mouse was actually Mortimer?  Fortunately, Mrs Disney talked him out of that one. Since the moment Walt passed away, as with many famous people, fans have wondered what Walt’s last words were. In 2007,actor Kurt Russell, who made many Disney films as a child actor  stated on national television, that Walt’s last written words were ‘Kurt Russell’.  This had been a rumor for many years, that Kurt had never addressed in public until over 4 decades later.  But is it true ?

“It’s true, I don’t know what to make of that. I was taken into his office after he died and I was shown that”. If you check the You Tube video titled “Dave Smith giving a tour of Disney offices”, you can see it for yourself, just under 3 minutes in. At the bottom of Walt’s notebook titled “TV projects in production”, Walt used his famous red grease pencil to write “Ron Miller 2. Kirt Russell (mis-spelled) 3.CIA-Mobley.” Thus it looks like Walt DID write down Kurt’s name, but the very last word he wrote was “Mobley”.  This was in reference to another child star who, (unlike Kurt), didn’t have a lifelong career, Roger Mobley.  Kurt was close, but actually finished second to last. However, it’s still a great story, and a wonderful ‘urban legend’.

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