By Bill Dudley

As horror film fans well know,the very first Halloween movie was made back in 1978.

The film was also the first starring role for Jamie Lee Curtis, and the first big hit for director John Carpenter.

The two reunited to commemorate the event, and both signed several pieces of greatly coveted memorabilia to raise money for Jamie Lee’s favorite charity, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Check out E-Bay right now for an enticing poster signed by almost all surviving members of the Halloween cast and crew. Jamie Lee and Carpenter also signed a frightening large Halloween butcher knife, and Michael Myers Halloween mask.

Carpenter spoke of how he crafted what became one of the horror genres greatest films. Curtis pointed out that John also created the haunting music that rips thru the classic as strong as the killer’s knife does.

Jamie Lee also pointed out that she and Carpenter now look almost exactly alike.From the picture above, she is correct.

Although they seldom appear together, the two have a strong bond, with each knowing they contributed strongly to each other’s success.

Jamie was first considered for one of the sluttier roles in the film, but in retrospect, her 19 year old innocence at the time, made her the perfect casting choice for the main victim.

As we all know, her character survived to make Halloween 2, a voiceover (uncredited) role in Halloween 3, and a prominent role in Halloween H20, released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original film in 1998.

Rumor has it that her character may be the focus of a future Halloween release.

Curtis also appeared in another John Carpenter classic, The Fog. Subsequent appearances in Prom Night and Terror Train cemented Jamie Lee as “The Scream Queen.” Carpenter also directed Escape From New York, and his remake of The Thing, both starring Kurt Russell.


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