Has The “Cat And The Fiddle” Played Its Last Note?

Author: Bill Dudley

One of the most comfortable and unique hangs on Sunset Boulevard may be going away after December 15th.

For over 30 years, celebrities, shoppers, movie fans, and locals have mixed and enjoyed the eccentric charm of “The Cat And Fiddle.”

The food is good, the drinks are reasonably priced, but it is the atmosphere of the outdoor courtyard and fountain that really makes this place special. I often stop in after seeing a film at the Cineramadome, or shopping for rare music at Amoeba.

The cozy courtyard is reminiscent of an ancient English pub and Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest.

The Cat And Fiddle opens for lunch on weekdays at 11:30a, but starts heating up with a zesty happy hour in the late afternoon, and stays hot thru the night.

Why is a very successful and historic gem going away ? GREED is the answer!

After a prolonged lease negotiation, it seems the landlord, who lives in Atlanta, has found a chain restaurant to take over the space, at TWICE the rent.

Out of town property owners are increasingly bringing change to the Hollywood we know and love. They don’t live here. They don’t care about our culture.

The Cat And Fiddle is scheduled to close on December 15th.

The good news is they are seeking a new location, as is House Of Blues.

The Cat And Fiddle will still host it’s well celebrated Halloween party, but you will have to search elsewhere for New Years.

Built in 1929, The Cat And Fiddle building is rich in Hollywood history.

At one time a commissary for surrounding film studios, it also once housed movie studio wardrobes, and portions of the 1943 classic film Casablanca were filmed there.

The Cat And Fiddle is located (for now) at 6530 Sunset Blvd. Enjoy it while you can.

It is truly a great vibe.

Visit them online: www.thecatandfiddle.com

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