Mini Movie Reviews: ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Bridge of Spies’

Author: Bill Dudley

On the fence about these movies?  Below are my three mini movie reviews.

GOOSEBUMPS:  A perfect family film for the fall season. Lots of scary monsters, and Jack Black as R.L. Stine, author of “Goosebumps”. Jack is surprisingly underplaying his role in my opinion, but your kids will love the monsters coming to life out of the pages of his books. Earned 23 million in it’s first weekend.

SPOTLIGHT: The story of how the Boston Globe Spotlight division broke, and stuck with the story of pedophile priests and their behavior being covered up by the Boston churches. An excellent cast headed by Mark Ruffalo who once again gives an astounding performance, along with Michael Keaton, Rachel Adams, Stanley Tucci,John Slattery,Liev Schreiber,and many other familiar faces. Howard Shore adds a great soundtrack to Director Tim Mc Carthy’s masterpiece. Best film I have seen this year.  We could have used this type of fact-finding journalism in Los Angeles about this subject at the same time. “Spotlight” won’t be in wide release until Nov 6th. The script by Josh Singer and Mc Carthy had been blacklisted since 2013. This is a very controversial film.

BRIDGE OF SPIES:  Tom Hanks directed by steven Spielberg in a cold war thriller. What else could you ask for. Good and evil are clearly defined in this refreshing film.

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