It’s A Bloody Good Time as Theater 68 Presents ‘Dracula’

Author: Bill Dudley

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was written in 1897, when women’s suffrage was in it’s infancy. A new production by Theatre 68 adapted by Jayce Johnson, and directed by Sophia Watt, may seem like it’s telling this classic horror story from a new angle, but it may actually just be closer to the original story than we may have ever seen before.

The WAVE’s own Dave Caprita plays Professor Van Helsing not as the benevolent character in the book, but as a challenging man stirring the pot every chance he gets. His main goal appears to be killing Dracula and his female army of acolytes. Strong female characters, Rachel Zink as Mina, and Ariel Hart as Lucy command your attention, and propel the story at an intense pace. Count Dracula will not be a disappointment either, as Robert Homer Mollohan is not someone you would want to meet on the street.

Produced by Ronnie Marmo, this version of “Dracula” is not to be missed. I’m told it is similar to the recent New York production also directed by Sophia Watt. This “Dracula” from the feminine perspective, is where women are the protagonists, and men the antagonists. “Dracula” has been extended two weeks to run well after Halloween. It is playing in a trendy section of North Hollywood full of bars and restaurants.

One warning: DO NOT SIT IN THE FRONT ROW ! There is blood spurting everywhere during the entire 90 minute play. If you sit too close you may need to see Dr. Seward (Jude Evans), and he is very busy during the play.

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Photo by Kenneth Billington and courtesy of Ronnie Marmo/Theatre 68

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