By Deborah Howell

Has something like this ever happened before?

UK travel site is set to remove all Donald Trump’s hotels after complaints from customers outraged that it showcases accommodations owned by the vociferous U.S. presidential candidate.

The founders of, which allows its members to earn cashback on their hotel bookings, say they ‘refuse to contribute any further to Trump’s domination of the American political system’. Wow.

At EarnAway we have historically offered our customers the best deals on trips to some of Donald Trump’s most well-known international hotels, such as The Trump SoHo in New York, The Trump Plaza in New Jersey and Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, remarks Co-founder Robert Berrisford.

“However, we have now made the decision to remove all of his hotels and resorts from our website as we feel it’s ethically and morally wrong for us to effectively help fund and contribute to a political campaign that we have such strong opposition to. As a company, we feel particularly strongly about this move as we don’t agree with Donald Trump’s personal or political views and do not think that this man should become president.  Until recently, Mr Trump was self-funding his own campaign, and therefore we don’t want to be contributing in any way to his electoral campaign by enabling users to find deals for his hotels on our site.”

Are the co-founders at all concerned about how this will affect their bottom line? According to TravelMole News, Berrisford had this response:

“I am not at all worried about this decision having a detrimental effect on our business; in fact we have already had a number of complaints from some of our regular customers who don’t appreciate the fact that we promote Trump’s hotels in the first place. Hopefully, we can inspire other online travel agencies to follow suit and dissuade Britons from sending any extra money his way.”

Will other travel sites follow their lead in the UK and perhaps even globally? We’ll have to stay tuned and see.

But we know this for certain, Trump is due in the UK to officially open his latest property, The Turnberry Hotel in South-west Scotland June 24th, and by the time The Donald arrives, all of his hotels on (and possibly other sites who may follow suit) will be wiped from the site–taking the political slogan “Dump Trump” to new heights.


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