By Amanda Wicks

It’s been said if you ask a stupid question then you’ll get a stupid answer. Well, that’s kind of what Jimmy Kimmel was aiming for when he interviewed DJ Khaled on June 30th as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s segment, “Three Ridiculous Questions.”

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Khaled clearly has no problem laughing at himself, as he often takes to social media—especially Snapchat—to share ridiculous moments from his life. For his first question, Kimmel asks Khaled what he does when he can’t remember someone’s name. Khaled explains how he tells that person, “Bless Up,” which is the way he greets people anyway.

“Which would you rather see in person: A unicorn or a duck with human feet?” Kimmel asks for his second question. Looking far too serious, DJ Khaled responds, “I’m gonna go with unicorn.” He explains how there were already a lot of ducks in the world (with human feet?), so a unicorn would be special. That’s sound logic.

For his last question, Kimmel asks, “Where did all the pilgrims go?”

Watch the full segment below for Khaled answer.

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