By Amanda Wicks

Is Taylor Swift’s whirlwind romance with actor Tom Hiddleston not what it seems? The speed with which the pair got together following Swift’s split from Calvin Harris and their picture-perfect union has got many wondering if there’s not something else going on. Could it be that their relationship, as well as their cute moniker “Hiddleswift,” are all an elaborate hoax?

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The discussion has been ongoing on Twitter, with some claiming Swift is actually filming a music video that will skewer the media for following her love life so closely. Others are suggesting she’s doing a performance piece in order to fool the media.

Here’s some evidence to mull over. Although Swift has claimed she’s taking a break from recording a new album, she has a solid track record of releasing new music every two years and 2016 would keep her to that pattern. More than that, NME discovered the same paparazzi agency has been releasing all snaps of the couple, leading some to believe they’re getting tips about where to be and when.

The most convincing evidence may have come from Swift’s July 4th blowout. In many of the pap shots captured that day, Hiddleston wears an “I Heart T.S.” shirt, which seems not only an extremely loud declaration of his feelings, but something a bit rushed considering they only began seeing each other in mid-June. Why would Hiddleston participate in an elaborate music video? The two appear to be good friends and, heck, any press is good press, especially for an actor potentially contending for an Oscar nomination come fall.

Swift’s dating life has long been fodder for the media, so perhaps this is her chance to get back at everyone for following her private choices so publicly. Only time will tell.

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