By Pat Prescott

You probably remember Dorien Wilson from his work on the hit TV sitcom “The Parkers” or as a recurring character on “Sister Sister” but you’re about to see him again in a number of high profile movies and TV shows including Bounce TV‘s popular “In The Cut”. Bounce TV is the nation’s fastest-growing broadcast television network designed for African-American audiences and the only emerging network producing original scripted series. We caught up with Dorien to talk about what he’s doing and it was impressive!

This is Dorien’s second season on “In The Cut”. Season two debuted on his birthday. Actors like Dorien are excited to have so many new outlets for programming. Bounce gives a platform to new urban oriented shows plus great classic movies and TV programs. Dorien explained how to get Bounce TV. It’s easy. You already have it. You simply need to get a $20 antenna that you attach to the back of your TV and you get Bounce along with a plethora of other channels.

“In The Cut” was created, directed and written by Bentley Evans of “Martin” fame. on the show, Dorien has an ex-wife played by Jackee, who was also Dorien’s girlfriend on “Sister Sister”. They own a barber shop and beauty salon together. Everyone on the show has been involved in Dorien’s professional life before now. They have just added Kelitta Smith, who played the wife on the “The Bernie Mack Show”. she takes over the beauty salon when Jackee’s character runs off to Europe with a new boyfriend.. Dorien says they did thirteen episodes in just ten days at their studio in Northridge.

Dorien just finished filming a new movie called “Howard High”. It’s from the creator of “You Got Served”. Dorien describes it as an urban version of Glee. He plays the school superintendent who requires the kids at Howard High to improve their academics in order to participate in a city wide talent competition. He says the kids in the film are super talented. There are plans for a TV series to follow.

Dorien also just finished filming season two of Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bull Dogs”, a series about a young girl who’s the best quarterback on her school football team. Dorien is gaining a new, younger audience because of his work on this show. He plays the coach of the team and the man who gives Bella a chance to play. He says he never knows who will approach him or which of his five shows they watched but he feels blessed to have a broad fan base and so many opportunities for it to grow.

Finally we talked about Dorien’s recent health challenges. He works out at least six times a week so he underestimated the severity of his condition. He went to the doctor who told him it was a good thing he came when he did. He had a short procedure done to correct the rhythm of his heart and he has since changed his diet and now exercises more than ever. We’re glad he’s doing well and so are a lot of other people in Hollywood. Dorien is one of the most well liked people in the business. He attributes his success to his faith, his supportive family and his dedication to hard work.

Watch Dorien Wilson starring in “In The Cut” on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bounce TV


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