Sia yourself with the singer's iconic headpiece.

By Amanda Wicks

Everybody is getting in on the Snapchat filter fun, including Sia. Her wig filter launched today (July 21).

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On Twitter, her team announced that her new Snapchat filter was available. Users will be able to take a photo or video of themselves wearing her iconic black and white wig topped with a black and white bow.

Sia has maintained an aura of mystery thanks to the fact that she largely performs with her wig, which hides the top half of her face. While she does do public appearances without the wig, it remains her most iconic trademark.

Her filter joins the growing list of options the app’s users have when it comes to doctoring up their photos and videos. In addition to being flower crown wearing hippies, panting dogs, underwater sea kings and more, they can now go swing from the chandelier. In a sense.

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