By Amanda Wicks

Heath Ledger gave the world an iconic rendition of the Joker when he played the twisted villain in The Dark Knight (2008). So fans were naturally curious about how Jared Leto would interpret the role for his part in the new movie Suicide Squad. It turns out that he looked to one musician in particular for inspiration.

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Before shooting began, Leto explained how he discussed how to approach the Joker with a famous writer at DC. Although he didn’t reveal who he’d spoken with, he did open up about their main source of conversation. “I spoke to a writer [at DC] and we discussed David Bowie a bit, not necessarily the music of David, but his class, his elegance, his timelessness,” he said (via NME).

He also said, “I think David Bowie is probably an inspiration for almost anything you could do creatively.”

Suicide Squad opened today (August 5).

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