By Deborah Howell

We’re packed up again, headed off the island– by bike! Yuki hasn’t ever ridden a rental bike with so many gears before, but he takes to it immediately like a duck to water. We put on our helmets and zip across the Kurashimayakaiko Bridge like bats out of hell.

PHOTOS: Kurashimayakaiko Bridge is Biking Bliss

The rain has held off for the time being, and the scenery is superb–from the cloud-rubbed sky above to the piercing aquamarine waters below us. Yuki is smiling from ear to ear and we sail under the trusses of this bridge–which other than the color– reminds me very much of a super long Golden Gate Bridge. I think he needed this after the car wreck.

This is freedom! We only stop a couple of times because it’s so beautiful we just have to take a few pics. And we have it almost all to ourselves, since it’s a Monday and most people are working. Simply amazing.

This is a huge trip highlight, and though it ends all too soon, it will remain foremost in my memories of Japan as a lasting treasure.

Back in the car, it immediately begins to pour cats and dogs as we head toward Hiroshima. This is the leading edge of the ominous typhoon we’ve been hearing about. Usually they name typhoons here after women–but this one is so massive they’ve given it a man’s name: Lion Rock–like the rock we saw at Nachi Beach a few days ago. Strap in and stay tuned.

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