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Actress Jaime King took to social media this afternoon to publicly thank her friend Taylor Swift for making a donation to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in honor of her son, and Swift’s godson Leo.

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King posted a photo of an acknowledgement letter from the hospital informing her that a gift had been made, along with a heartfelt note explaining the story behind it.

“At 20 weeks my son was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries AKA TGA,” she wrote. “He had major heart surgery, that was terrifying, and traumatic for us as parents, for our family. Only a few of our best friends knew.”

“Taylor does countless selfless acts that go unnoticed because she does them silently from such a great place of unconditional giving,” she continued. “As the Godmother of Leo Thames for his birthday she gave an incredible donation to the people that saved his life Dr. Allistar Phillips and his brilliant team.”

“She came to the ICU to comfort us, to hold, bond with him with such grace & strength. Our gift back is to share our story that anyone going through this is not alone, we understand and want to stand up to bring awareness in the greatest way possible. Leo Thames is the strongest, healthiest boy because of this team. He will live a full and whole life and never have to look back.”

Check out King’s full post below.

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