By Carlos Delgado

Your dog understands what you’re saying better than you think! That was the conclusion scientists reached after using a MRI machine to study how a dog’s brain reacts when we speak to them.

When your talking to your pooch, it’s not only what you say but how you say it. Like humans, dogs use their left brain to process what you’re saying, and use their right brain to process how you’re saying it.

One surprising discovery was made, however, when the dogs were praised. The reward center in a dog’s brain only activated when the wordand the intonation matched.

In other words, for your dog to interpret what you’re saying as praise, you not only have to say “good dog (or whatever phrase you use),” but you have to say it with the right feeling! Only then was the reward center activated and the dog knew he/she did good.

Now if we could only teach our dog to fetch us a beer on command…



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