Alonzo Bodden Talks Improv, Comedy Gigs and More

Author: Pat Prescott

Alonzo Bodden is a very funny guy and a busy one too. He’s all over television these days so we were glad he had time to stop by The WAVE to fill us in on what’s going on in his busy life and career as he prepares to take the stage this weekend at the Brea Improv.

I first became a fan when I saw Alonzo compete and win on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. The only problem is they didn’t give him the chance to be acknowledged on the air for his victory. The show was cancelled before the finale. Alonzo still won the grand prize check and his career has been on an upswing ever since. In addition to his frequent appearances on TV and film, he is a regular on many popular music cruises.

If you have a television, there’s a good chance you have seen Alonzo lately. His Showtime standup special “Historically Incorrect” is getting rave reviews. Alonzo says he’s just sorry that the special was recorded before Trump became a candidate for President. He made a recent return appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC.

Alonzo has also been doing some work with The Science’s Channel’s Wednesday night program “How to Build Everything”. He’s learning all kinds of things including how cruise ships are built. You’ll be surprised to hear how they get the furniture in the cabins. These are the kinds of things that Alonzo can help you with.

Alonzo is extremely versatile. I saw him once at the Improv doing a show where they open books to a random page, put their finger down and make up jokes using the words. Patti Austin once said that Alonzo’s comedy is like jazz because he improvises. Periodically he does a show called “Set List” where the comics are given a topic and have to make it funny on the spot. Being live in front of a crowd is where Alonzo is at his best and he feels completely at home there.

Alonzo says the weirdest comedy gig he has ever done was when he performed on a tour bus for a group of tourists traveling from Orange County to Hollywood. The problem is that unlike a comedy club, they didn’t all come for comedy and the comedian has nowhere to run or hide.

This weekend at the Brea Improv, fans will be running to see Alonzo Bodden. Consider joining them.

Alonzo Bodden at the Improv in Brea
Friday, September 9, 7:30pm & 9:45pm
Saturday, September 10, 7pm & 9:15pm
Sunday, September 11, 7pm

120 South Brea Blvd., Brea, CA 92821

To purchase tickets, call: 714.482.0700 or order online at

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