Fibroid Treatment Collective in Beverly Hills Free Seminar

Author: Pat Prescott

The Fibroid Treatment Collective in Beverly Hills periodically conducts free seminars and monthly webinars to educate women about their options when they have fibroids. The WAVE is co-sponsoring the next seminar which is scheduled for Saturday, September 24th at the LAX Westin Hotel near LAX. Dr. Bruce McLucas, founder of the Fibroid Treatment Collective and one of the pioneers of the non-surgical fibroid embolization procedure stopped by our studios to talk about the seminar and to answer some commonly asked questions about fibroids.

First Dr. McLucas talked about what fibroids actually are. He says fibroids are benign tumors in name only. They affect one out of every two Black women in America. Unbearable pain comes along with fibroids and this is one of the worst things about them. Dr. McLucas started his free seminars to show women that they are not the only ones and to provide a forum to talk to other women with fibroids and to find out more about the non-surgical embolization procedure.

Fibroid embolization is an out-patient procedure. Most patients go home the same day. You are sedated and will need someone to drive you. This is a breeze compared to the six weeks of recovery required after major surgery. Dr. McLucas told us about some of the severe cases he has seen and talked about what happens after you go home. He pioneered the procedure here in the U.S.

We also talked about sex and fibroids. Dr. McLucas calls it “porcupine sex” because of the discomfort and pain that come along with it. He says it’s also important for men to know about how fibroids affect the women they love. There is a wealth of information on his website, including a video of an actual procedure and a segment from The Doctors where Dr. McLucas was interviewed. You can meet him and get your questions answered at our free seminar on September 24th. Hope to see you there.

Hosted by Pat Prescott
Saturday September 24, 2016
Westin LAX
5400 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Start Time: 9:00 am

Seminar is free of charge, and parking is validated.

Stop fibroids. Start living. Hear from women who already have and the doctor who pioneered how.

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