Boney James Talks Last Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Show of the Season

Author: Pat Prescott

Boney James is wrapping up his best touring year ever and we get to see one of his last shows of the summer this Friday night at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach as (sadly) they close out the 2016 Summer concert Series sponsored by Bank of The West.

I spoke to Boney on the phone about some of the great things that have been happening in his life. Next year is his 25th year in the business, his latest project, “FutureSoul” is one of the bestselling cd’s of his career and this has been his best touring year ever.  That’s not surprising since Boney is one of the most popular and entertaining performers on tour today.

I told him that I think he’s one of the coolest ones out there too, with his signature hat and sneakers and the little dance he always does in his show. Boney says he’s just expressing himself and that he used to dance around the house when he was a little kid.

Boney is starting to get material together for his next recording. He says it’s like pushing a boulder down the hill because it takes a minute to get it moving but once it moves, it starts to go faster and faster. According to Boney, he’s sensing some movement in the boulder that is his next record.

2016 has been a great year for Boney James and we’re lucky to get to see him as we say so long for now to our favorite music series. Hope to see you there on Friday!

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