Pat Prescott Talks How To Register To Vote In Time For The November Election

Author: Pat Prescott

There is a very important Presidential Election coming up in November and if you’re not yet registered to vote, you’re running out of time. The deadline to register for the November 8th election is Monday October 24th. LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and LA County Registrar and County Clerk Dean Logan stopped by our studios to talk about how to register and where to get information that will help us to be informed voters when we head to the polls.

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Going to is the fastest and easiest way to register plus you can get a wealth of voter information there. Mark says that no one should take this election for granted. We need to change the way we think about our right to vote and realize that it is a responsibility. There are approximately a million eligible voters who are not registered in LA County. Under-represented communities like the homeless, lower income residents and new citizens, are the target of the city’s voter outreach program. Mark and Dean also clarified the voting rules for people who are or have been incarcerated.

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I asked about whether or not homeless people were allowed to vote and found out that they are. Many homeless people have a residence of record which is often the home of a family member or in some cases a homeless shelter or some other type of institution. Substance abuse and mental health issues along with financial situations are the root causes of homelessness. This population is greatly impacted by some of the issues on the ballot. We talked about some of the propositions that will be on the ballot and why it is important to be informed about the people and the proposals you’ll be voting for.

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The Ballot Measure Convention is coming up, where they use animated shorts to explain the pros and cons of the propositions we’ll be voting for on November 8th. Online, you can always visit the League of Women Voters website and the African American Voter Rep project. We also discussed the pros and cons of the most talked about proposition on the ballot; the legalization of marijuana for personal use.

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Here are some important online sources of information:
Finally, we talked about voter fraud and Dean says that it shouldn’t be a problem in the state of California. All we need to do is to show up and make our voices heard. The first step tis getting registered and you have only a few days left to do so.

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